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Renée Desjardins

For some artists, creativity speaks for itself, without explanation. It’s referred to as pulsion, need, and evidence. This curious sense of urgency which pushes a human being to outdo itself and reinvent the norm, becoming the very symbol of the creator.

For some, the journey seems accomplished in advance;  for Renee DesJardins, it is an art of living.


Nicole Allard. Magazine' Arts


Des Jardins prepares her canvases by applying a layer of medium to shape a relief that she creates with her spatula. This technique gives a lively impression through the canvas and its successive layers of paint and filled in transparency create variations of new color. Her brushstroke's technique provides a texture to the canvas. She then finishes with an overlay of varnished gloss to complete each one of her paintings.

Melding through power and sensuality in each of her works, Renee portrays the vitality of movement that is recognized by the viewer. Each piece is a true emblem of the authenticity of the artist. Born in Quebec to a Canadian family of ten people. Renee developed her passion for art at a very young age. Growing up, she spent her time surrounded by artists who helped foster her prominent interest in art, as both her father and sister were painters. She is mesmerized by the beauty of nature, rhythm, movement, and emotions; they are the essence of her work. After completing her Bachelor Degree, she then began her career of which is also her greatest passion: painting.  In 2001, she produced her first exhibition which was crowned by success and was transformed into a personal determination to perfect her art. She now painting wild horses and nature life. 

She participated in many exhibitions and competitions,  which brought several awards, including the prestigious "Public Choice Award" of the Marc-Aurèle Fortin Museum. 


In 2003, she began to showcase her work in several galleries throughout Canada and United States. Her artistic work is the result of thorough research using acrylic, gold leaf, ink, and pastels, as well as the mediums of the new generation. Renee knows how to extract the best of transparencies and glacis to translate the emotions. 



2013-2017  Des Jardins Fine Arts


2003-2013  Beauchamp Gallery, Quebec city, Quebec


2003-2013  Beauchamp Gallery, Charlevoix, Quebec


2008-2010  Le Bourget Gallery, Montréal, Quebec


2006-2008  Le Luxart Gallery, Montréal, Quebec


2007-2009  Artgraphix Westlake Village Gallery, California


2006-2008  Publishing Altaria, Toronto, Ontario


2006-2009  Collector's Editions, Maui, Hawaii



2006-2012 Samir Sammoun, Montreal


2006-2007 Seymour Segal, Montreal


2004 Classic paintings technic, Kathryn Gabinet- Kroo


2003-2004 Samir Sammoun, Montreal


2003 Seymour Segal, Montreal


2003 Live Models Studies, Erik Slutsky


2002 Abstract Process, Nicole Lebel 



2015 - Museum Beaux-Arts Montréal, Hydro-Québec Space


2014 – Ville Mont-Royal, Exhibition - Among Friends 


2005 -- M. A.A. Sports Club, Montreal - Exhibition - TIME


2002-2003 - Maison Melançon, Candiac – Opening and Exhibition -                            Search for the integrity



2014-2015-2016-2017 La Classica, Saint- Lambert, Québec


2006-2007-2011-2012-2013- Art Expo, New York 


2006 Collector’s Editions, Walt Disney, Maui, Hawaii 


2006 Le Luxart Gallery, Montreal


2005 CAPSQ, Embassy of Tunisia


2005 Artgraphix, California


2004 21th expo CARPQ, Montreal


2004  Baie-Saint-Paul


2004 Museum Marc-Aurele Fortin, Montreal



2005 First Prize of Distinction - CAPSQ


2003-2004 First Prize- Foundation Helene Santerre


2004 Grand Prize of the Public's Choice Award 

          Museum Marc-Aurele Fortin  


2004 Guest Artist - Hippodrome of Montreal

          La Coupe des Éleveurs


















Sofa Desing, edition, 2014


Fine Art Magazine, USA, edition, 2012


Magazin'Art, Quebec, winter edition, 2006-07


Magazin'Art, Directory of Canadian Artists in galleries 2004-2005-2007-2010


Le reflet, Hebdo, Quebec, 2003-2004


L’ Échos of Old Montreal and downtown,  Montreal, 2005


Courrier Hippique, Quebec, autumn edition, 2005 



Costa Rica,  2015


Camargue, France  2016


Sable Island, Canada 2017

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